Thomas Imbusch

Thomas Imbusch Koch

Thomas Imbusch lives simple kitchen

Thomas Imbusch plans something big. With an unusual concept he zeros in on the essentials – his handcraft, the products and the opening of his own restaurant.


  • 2005: Training at Park Hotel Bremen
  • 2008: Victor’s Fine Dining, Christian Bau
  • 2010: Alain Ducasse
  • 2013 – 2017: Chef de Cuisine at Tim Mälzers OFF Club /Madame X



  • 2015: Newcomer of the year – Leaders of the Year

He was elected the „Leader of the Year“ for „Newcomer of the Year, 2015“. Thomas Imbusch convinced the jury with his completely new style of cooking and a unique concept. The chefs career is quite impressive. After his apprenticeship in Bremen Park Hotel he worked at Victors Fine Dining of Christian Bau and for Alain Ducasse. That is where he learned the art of fine dining. Then he implemented his knowledge together with Tim Mälzer to create new ideas. During a business trip to Japan he started doubting anything what he had ever created and cooked, while cooking a simple but perfect dumpling. He realized that the reduction to the essentials is the success to the perfect taste. In the Off Club and the integrated Madame X, Thomas Imbusch came to self-actualise himself and his philosophy. After four years it’s time to open up his own restaurant.

His concept is „simple cuisine“ which is concentrated on the essentials: the perfect ingredients and consumption. Thomas Imbusch sees himself not as an artist but as a craftsman. Its the handwork, the simplicity that fascinates him. For creating food, emotions and exhilaration he just needs two numbers: 100 and 200 degree centigrade – those let water boil and heat up the stove. Thats what he learned form his parents, his grandmother, his home. If cooking already starts with choosing just the best products, interpreting perfection in a new way and seeing oneself as a host then eating isn’t a question of taste anymore – its becoming an experience!