Marco d'Andrea

Marco D'Andrea

Exceptional talent of sweet cuisine

As pastry chef at the luxury hotel „The Fontenay“ in Hamburg, Marco D’Andrea lives his passion day to day. He creates innovative desserts and sweet classics together with his team. 


  • 2007: Training as a chef by Karlheinz Hauser, Süllberg Hamburg
  • 2009: Commis de Patisserie at restaurant “Vendome”, Bergisch-Gladbach
  • 2016: Executive Chef Pâtissier at Süllberg bei Karlheinz Hauser, Hamburg
  • 2017: Chef Pâtissier at „The Fontenay“, Hamburg



  • 2009: Winner „Rockies of the Year“
  • 2010: Best practice trainee
  • 2012: Winner of the „Jungen Wilden“
  • 2012: Winner of the „Cru de Cao Award“
  • 2014: Chef’s Next Generation – Best Pâtissiers in Europe under 30 years
  • 2014: Pâtissier of the year – Leaders of the Year Award, Rolling Pin

The list of awards for the young chef with italien roots is long. During his training at the Süllberg he was awarded as best apprentice in 2010. A year earlier, 2009, Marco D’Andrea was chosen as „The Rocky of the Year“ and thereupon he got attention from the gourmet industry. After graduation he worked with Joachim Wissler in Vendome and convinced Christoph Rüffel (Hotel Four Seasons) from his skills. Finally, he returns to the Süllberg and got arwarded in 2012 to the „Young Wild Once 2012 Design“. The jury was impressed by his superb creations.

Marco D’Andrea is a real allrounder but his real passion applies to the perfect dessert. He is focused on the great art of desserts and became pastry chef of Süllberg. His culinary standarts are high. Everything is done by him and his team itself. Precise detail and highest sophistication reveal himself in all his creations and shapes the star restaurants menu with creative, sweet treats. At the LEADER OF THE YEAR gala another award follows for his extraordinary talent. But Marco D’Andrea is not resting on successes but persues ambitious his future career plans. His current aims are to attract new talents to the profession and increase enthusiasm for management tasks. He has perfected his culinary expertise and finds always inspiration for new creations. The mixture of inventiveness and preservation of the taste make his art unique. Since summer 2017 he enriches the world of desserts in the luxury hotel „The Fontenay“ in Hamburg.