Erik Brockholz

Erik Brockholz

From Chef to Coffee Roasting Champion

In Hamburg, Erik Brockholz ran into the right harbour. Here, many coffee roasteries have a long tradition – and this highly talented roaster masters his craft like no other. Carrying out the pure bliss of a good cup of coffee became the mission of the “Kaffeeyoda” and silver award winner of the German Roasting Championship.


  • 1990: Chef Apprenticeship at Freihaus Brenner Tegernsee
  • 2005: Roaster Training and Gastronomic Director at “Die Rösterei” Hamburg
  • 2008: Developer and Owner of CoffeeCube/Flavour Coffee
  • 2010: Barista Training at Café Gambrinus Neapel
  • 2012: Brand Ambassador and Roaster at Hanseatic Coffee Company Bremen/Hamburg
  • 2012: Coffee Profiler for Barista Club
  • 2016: Developer of Aromabar Kaffee (together with Aromabar Hamburg)
  • 2014: Founder of “Der Kaffeeyoda”, a series of seminars
  • 2015: Management at “Kaffeerösterei Burg” Hamburg



  • 2016: 2nd Place at the German Roasting Championship
  • 2016 & 2017: Gold Medal for The Best Filter Coffee by The German Guild Of Roasters

There was a time when Erik, born in Magdeburg, didn’t care at all about the art of coffee. He wants to work in a kitchen and hence he completes a chef apprenticeship at Lake Tegernsee. His training is followed by several stations as a restaurant specialist and gastronomic director. But his real passion is still to be found: The call from a friend, a roaster from Hamburg, makes Erik wake up and smell the coffee. In 2005, watching his friend work at the steaming roasting drum, he is instantly on fire for the small black bean. From now on he devotes himself with great dedication to the art of coffee-roasting and -making.

After learning everything about coffee roasting in one of Hamburg’s renowned coffeehouses, “Die Rösterei”, he moves to the production management of the “Kaffeerösterei Burg” in 2015, a roastery with a decisive influence on him since his very beginning in coffee crafting. Since then, he keeps coming daily to operate the massive roasting drums of the long-established company. Its location in an ancient warehouse of the historical Speicherstadt Hamburg is more than appropriate considering that green coffee has been stored here since the 19th century. In 2016 his roasting skills are rewarded with the second place at the German Roasting Championship. The German Guild of Roasters awards his filter coffee in 2016 and 2017 with its gold medal.

Today, Erik is a brilliant coffee roaster, barista, coffee sommelier and coffee consultant. Coffee is like good wine – and to Erik, enjoyment and art of living at the same time. The art of roasting is his passion – you can taste it in every single cup. Starting with the thorough selection of beans up to the gentle roasting process ending with the ritual preparation, Erik does everything himself in loving handicraft. On request, he also creates individual roasting mixtures and brands for other labels, thus offering them an opportunity to stand out from the market. He also advises gastronomic businesses and companies on their coffee culture, helping them to choose everything from the perfect coffee bean to technical equipment. Since 2014 he spills the beans about coffee in a series of seminars, “Der Kaffeeyoda”: Participants learn everything about the origin of coffee, the taste differences of varieties and preparation techniques, latte-art or even roasting. By passing on his knowledge Erik gets closer to his goal every day: “For a better world of coffee out there!”!