Succsessful advertising with celebrities from the gastronomy scene

A well structured and executed campaign is an integral part of a successful marketing concept at the present time. Many well-known chefs benefit from advertising and the associated benefits in terms of brand recognition and appeal of the recipients. Which task has The Chefs’ Stories here? We analyse and identify the chef´s brand core. What is the greatest potential, what can be a successful marketing and which attributes of the chef should be primary.

Competent marketing – don´t accept every offer

Our aim is to find the right brand and cooperations for our star chefs. We know about the greatest potential and are always eager to guarantee a successful collaboration in marketing for all participants. That also means that we look closely whether all the components fit. If this is not, after a detailed analysis the case, no cooperation comes to pass. Because we want to avoid disagreements between talent and cooperation partners.

But what makes a good „celebrity advertising“? We say: authentic protagonists, clearly defined advertising concepts and a harmonious cooperation, in which the values and  ideals of both sides are represented.

What is possible? The wide world of advertising

Nowadays advertising has become a daily companion in all media. Whether in classic magazine ads, TV commercials or ads on the smartphone – the recipients are drowned with impressions and amenities. It is important to stand out and attract attention with unique and creative ideas. This will be successful with an authentic brand ambassador – the best way to introduce yourself and your products to the recipient. Credibility and sympathy are essential factors to make the marketing of the product successfully.

We are happy to make contact between you and one of our top chefs. As a contact person we can talk in advance about aims of the desired marketing and develop appropriate concepts. The strengths and unique feature our chefs should suit the marketing campaign – that´s what we are here for! You want to launch a new product and are looking for the right face for marketing? Write us! Non binding inquiries will be answered quickly and conscientious.