On the way to brand ambassador

The role of a brand ambassador is a special honor for many celebrities and is also an effective way to increase and stabilize your own publicity. The brand customers connect the face of the ambassador quickly and intuitively with one or more of the advertised products. Is the brand ambassador suitable for the products and their values? Since it is this, what makes an authentic symbiosis between ambassador and brand.

The choice of testimonials brings some criticism which must be considered in order to guarantee a successful collaboration. If a company is looking for a suitable brand ambassador, the first contact should be run on the management. Thus, the customer can present his ideas and requirements for the new brand ambassador, and the management can avert any disagreements.

An enthusiastic brand ambassador is important

Every cook and every artist has individual values to mediate. These characteristics should agree with the message of the brand and it’s products. A cook who is an avowed vegetarian but advertises with a steak, is untrustworthy and harms the brand and it’s own authenticity. And that is why The Chefs’ Stories attaches importance to an intensive dialogue in advance, to ensure work with the best compatibility. Brand representatives and star chef work out meaningful concepts together with which the product can be market credible.

It is important for the brand to find a testimonial that positively responds to customers and arouses confidence and enthusiasm.  That kind of confidence can only be built by the brand ambassador thanks to authentic conviction of  the brand and it’s products. We can organize this management task reliably and competently due to many years of experience. The aim is to establish a long-term  cooperation and to create a brand ambassador who is intuitively combined with the positive characteristics of the products by the customers.